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With over 50 years experience combined in the seafood industry, VIP SEAFOOD excels in providing a superior product to their clients. Located in the lobster capital of the world, VIP SEAFOOD takes pride in developing and distributing nothing but the best in a wide array of selection.

Sandra_ownerIN A SEA OF SEAFOOD BRANDS, ONE NAME RISES TO THE TOP: VIP SEAFOOD! Focused on top quality, additive-free and price competitive products, the retail brand, VIP SEAFOOD, hails from New Brunswick Canada, at the heart of the Atlantic Canadian fishing grounds.

VIP SEAFOOD brand managers have a decade long record on the international seafood market as suppliers of top grade products and work in intimate association with customers developing new products, packaging, sizing, etc. to exact customer needs.

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Did you know?

Lobsters are part of the extremely diverse group of marine invertebrates, animals without a notochord. Like many invertebrates, lobsters protect themselves with their hard exoskeleton.

Lobster meat can be found in several places in a lobster, including the legs, tail, torso, and the two front claws.

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