Introducing VIP Seafood’s Smoked Salmon Paté.

Simple, good and handy

Among a total of 25 products that qualified for the contest, from among some 50 participants, and the 10 finalists selected by the Board members gathered on March 26th, this frozen smoked salmon pâté truly stood out.

With a recipe made up of more than 65% freshly hot- and cold-smoked Atlantic salmon – and a bare minimum of ingredients – it’s a smooth and healthy choice for any occasion. In order to make their products accessible to as many people as possible, they are gluten- and preservative-free, and are prepared in a nut-free environment – in addition to being certified kosher! Available frozen and in single servings, VIP Seafood’s smoked salmon pâté quickly captivated the jury members.

✓ US Retail Packaging Available
✓ Canadian Retail Packaging Available
✓ Custom Food Services Packages Available